While We Still Have Time: The Perils Of Electronic Voting Machines And Democracy's Solution: Publicly Observed, Secure Hand-Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB) Elections, by Sheila Parks Ed.D.


September 6, 2012. While We Still Have Time now available on Amazon.com.

For all voters in the United States of America and the whole world, who want the best possible assurance that their votes are counted as cast in secure, honest, accurate and transparent elections.

Prologue and Selected Book Chapters (PDF)

At the beginning, only white propertied men had the right to vote. After enormous struggles by many that extended over the course of two centuries African American men, women, and Native Americans got the vote through Amendments XIV, XV, and XIX, the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was renewed and amended in 1970, 1975, 1982 and 2006. The new voter ID laws, aimed at suppression of the vote of people of color, low income people, students and elders, are in essence destroying some of these very hard won gains. Many groups and individuals are working to thwart these voter ID laws. This book deals with how we are all now also losing our votes because of the fraud of the electronic voting machines.While We Still Have Time, we must now stop using all electronic voting machines in our elections and instead now move to publicly observed, secure hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB) elections.
Chapter I: Hacking the Machines
Chapter VII: Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots Sends Letter to Recall Candidates Regarding Election Protection
Chapter X: Crashing at the Intersection of Women's Rights and Voting Rights
Chapter XI: Hand-Counted Paper Ballots: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter XII: On-Site Observations of the Hand-Counting of Paper Ballots and Recommendations for the General Election of 2008
Chapter XIV: The Following are Some Necessary Elements of Observed, Secure Hand-Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB) Elections


INJUNCTION to impound election materials from Wisconsin: Democracy in Our Hands (Sheila Parks, Ed.D., Updated October 25, 2012)

A proactive way to challenge rigging of electronic voting machines (before we outlaw them like The Netherlands and Ireland have done), is to file an injunction to preserve the evidence and to bar certification of results and immediately after the election impound all the machines, memory cards, paper ballots properly stored in their ballot bags and boxes and all computer-generated paper output. In 2011 in New York (NY-26) Jane Corwin (R) did this for only one jurisdiction. I am talking about doing it for an entire state. The Impound Order clearly allows challenges to elections, voter registration and candidate qualifications. The same reasoning that applied in NY-26 governs other states. I am looking at this from the prospective of a reasonable judge. In some states a voter can seek an injunction preserving evidence that might substantiate the claim of election fraud. These are highly contested elections. There could be misconduct on the part of election officials. There is potential for some kind of fraud that election officials can't detect.

Advance Praise for While We Still Have Time

“Sheila was a tremendous help to us during the recount of the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election and later as we organized Wisconsin Citizens for Election Protection and Wisconsin Counts in our efforts to detect and prevent election fraud. Sheila, the world needs your experience and perspective. Thank you for not letting government oppression silence your voice. I hope that While We Still Have Time becomes widely read and that people follow your example and take action for justice.”
 — Jim Mueller, J.D., a first amendment and election integrity activist in the Wisconsin battle for the 99%

“After witnessing the blatant suppression of low income African-American voters in Columbus, Ohio in 2004, I became an activist and met Sheila, through some work we were doing together. Years have passed, with continued non-biased reports suggesting that election machines are unreliable, and can be subject to tampering without detection. Sheila's continual efforts through While We Still Have Time and The Center for Hand Counted Paper Ballots, stand as beacons of hope and perseverance to those of us who care enough about this country to demand that elections are held fairly and reflect the will of the people.”
 — Dorri Steinhoff, voting rights activist in the battleground state of Ohio

“Concerned about voter suppression, the war on women, Citizens United? Parks makes the connections to what mainstream media dangerously ignores the escalating crisis that now seriously threatens our very democracy election fraud and why we must occupy vote counting. Parks offers her analyses, based on well researched and from-the-trenches information, pointing the way to honest elections. She shows us why we need Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, (HCPB) not electronic voting machines, now! This important book is a how-to on ensuring our votes do count that all are counted as cast, While We Still Have Time.”
 — Amy Bookbinder, Social Justice Educator/Activist, Northampton, MA

“Regardless of what you believe about the security of electronic voting machines or where you stand on their widespread use, Sheila Parks' While We Still Have Time, is a must read. Sheila has been tirelessly researching and writing against voting machines since the 2000 presidential election; her book is a tour de force sure to be enlightening to anyone interested in the integrity of elections in the United States.”
 — Anthony Bucci, Ph.D. computer scientist

“Sheila Parks is one of America's greatest activists for women's rights and fair elections.”
 — Richard Charnin, quantitative analyst with two masters, degrees in applied mathematics

“Dr. Sheila Parks' writings compel readers to re-evaluate how supposedly democratic processes are being implemented throughout the highways and byways of America. As one of the nation's foremost authorities on elections, she provides insightful arguments on why the only path to fair and transparent elections is hand-counted paper ballots with a secure chain of custody. Among my favorite chapters is ‘Down the Rabbit Hole with Democracy and Three Urgent Pleas’, which skillfully reveals how government and societal practices are not in line with democratic values. Readers will value Parks' appreciation of diversity, depth of research and poignant thinking that shines through in all her writings.”
 — Jerroll Sanders, Author, The Physics of Money: If You've Got My Dollar, I Don't and race strategist

“Sheila Parks is a brave, passionate and dedicated warrior, fighting on the front lines for women's rights, election integrity and human rights. I had the honor of meeting her when she visited Wisconsin to help us start to clean up our deeply flawed election system. She is one of our most sensitive spirits, a canary in the mine. Sheila is singing, and it is mandatory that we listen to her song. While We Still Have Time is an important and timely book.”
 — Sue Trace, Wisconsin Citizens for Election Protection

“It is to the everlasting shame of the so-called news media that this election fraud, for which there is overwhelming evidence, has not been headline news. Every news journalist and every person who cares about this country should read While We Still Have Time and then demand the common sense return to hand-counted paper ballots.”
 — Jana Nestlerode, J.D., Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, West Chester University

While We Still Have Time is an absolute must read for anyone who is concerned about our corporate-controlled election system and the erosion of women's rights in America. Sheila Parks, a tireless advocate for truth, transparency, and justice, not only writes about it, she LIVES it!”
 — Marianne M. Moonhouse, election integrity activist, founding member of Wisconsin Citizens for Election Protection and Wisconsin Counts

“Sheila Parks is one of our great activists: dedicated, dogged and determined to protect our democracy at all costs. Her writings are essential to all of us.”
 — Harvey Wasserman, co-author of Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election and co-founder of the global grassroots No nukes/pro-Solartopia movement

What Were They Fighting For?

What were they fighting for?
What were they fighting for?

What was she fighting for, Harriet Tubman?
What was she fighting for, Alice Paul?
What were they fighting for, Fanny Lou Hamer,
Martin, Malcolm, Goodman, Schwerner, Chaney?

Not for electronic theft of votes.
Not for corporate profits.

They starved, went to jail, fought back, were murdered.
They changed this world.
They used courage and voice.

Do we throw that away?
Florida 2000, Georgia 2002, Ohio 2004, Wisconsin 2011.

What were they fighting for? Equality.
What were they fighting for? Democracy.
What were they fighting for? A voice.

What are we fighting for? Transparency.
What are we fighting for, we the people? Our voice.
We want our votes to count.

I'll lend my hands.

© Natali Freed and Sheila Parks, 2012. This poem originally appeared as a song, written by Natali Freed and Sheila Parks. Sung by Natali Freed. Updated 22 July, 2012.

While We Still Have Time: The Perils Of Electronic Voting Machines And Democracy's Solution: Publicly Observed, Secure Hand-Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB) Elections

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